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At X-Ciel, We offer research & consulting solutions for client's business requirements. We help to develop insights they act on, and energize them to sustain growth.

We do research not only the “what” and the “how” but consult the “why” too.

X-Ciel is the growing boutique research & consulting firm provides services to a wide range of new entrants, distressed and financially sound organizations.

We help our clients to understand the today’s complex market and other business related requirements to establish their businesses and also help them to improve their performance in their verticals.

How We Works

Our work process

We provide Business Consulting, Brand Consulting and Research services to a variety of stakeholders including business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate shareholders, management teams, and individuals.



If something is problematic in your business, but you aren’t be able to identify it, we at X-Ciel identify exactly what difficulty repeats itself.



Post identification of the problem, we strategies and have one session or a number of detailed sessions depend on the size of the problem.



The next step is to prepare the solution after brainstorming, checking the impact, and measuring to ensure that the root cause(s) has gone.



Problem-solving can be stressful, but the great thing is that, our expertise will execute the research based strategic plan for your business need.


Our Team.

Our people are passionate about delivering results to clients. All X-CIELians are direct and straightforward—even if that means telling the uncomfortable truth. We are ambitious and impatient for success, and yet down-to-earth and approachable.

team people

Gagan Parashar

Director, Principal Consultant

Business & Brand Consulting, Research Services.

team people

CS.Kamna Agnihotri


Corporate Governance, M&A, Legal Matters

team people

Kenji Otsuka

Principle Partner (Japan)

Business Research & Consulting, Asian Marketplace.

team people

Namita Agarwal

Off Shore Partner

Business Development

team people

Dr.Rupal Tyagi


Glocal Discovery, Govt. Business, CSR Expertise.

team people

Ritika Mathur

Lead R & C (North America)

Business Research & Consulting, Corporate Leads.

Hi Everybody! I have worked with Gagan on many projects & I can assure you that he is a very knowledgeable, humble, patient & intelligent person. His guidance skills are very good, his way of telling you what you’re doing is not right, is something that you can learn from him. He is a critique as well as appreciator at the same time. Working under him made me learn so many things about business among many other things that I learned from him. If you get a chance, do work with him & you will not regret. PS (Gagan)
- Never Let Me Down !

Ritika Mathur

Lead R&I- North America, Refract Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Gagan Parashar co-founded X-Ciel, which covers Research & Consulting support mainly for SMEs. Since then, he has worked for X-Ciel for 7 years showing prominent leadership for dozens of his staff. Also, he has a pioneer mind so firmly that he took an initiative to seek global relationship to foreign business like us with passion and creation. We started an alliance 6 years ago and have kept good relationship in cross-border business. I couldn't thank him more for his previous performance. I strongly recommend his capacity and excellence in local/global business scene.

Kenji Otsuka

President, Financial Artisan Co.,Ltd.

Important thing I have observed in Gagan & team is the eagerness to learn new things which makes them exceptional. His concept in Research & Consulting is wonderful. The technical side of X-Ciel very creative & understanding which contributes to show an easier way to the projects. Moreover their explanatory and communication skills are very high which makes other person to understand with ease.
For Business Research, Brand Consulting, and Business Consulting services X-Ciel Consulting is an idol business service partner.

Dr Rupal Agrawal (Tyagi)

CSR Evangelist: CSRPool Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

It is important to note that while many consulting companies are able to provide the technical expertise necessary to address sales, operational, and financial problems, X-Ciel Consulting adds a most-important variable in that they are able to evaluate a company’s overall ‘Brand Personality.’ Therefore they can develop a plan of action with coordination the existing working relationships of the employees along with the technical requirements necessary to achieve the client’s profit objectives.
Well Recommended!

CA Sajal Goyal

Founder & Sr. Partner at Especia Consulting
X-Ciel Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

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